She Met Up With A Guy She Talked To Online And Things Got Scary Quickly. Then This Happens…

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I found a really friendly and cute guy online so I decided to meet up with him in a café. I got scared when I saw he was a different, older man, but he seemed quite sweet when I got to talk to him. 

At the café… 

him : Hi! Your name’s Maria, right? 

me : Yeah. 

him: It’s me, Brian. 

me : Wait. So, like, all the pictures you sent me, that wasn’t you? 

him : Those were pictures of my nephew, but it’s fine. I had to use those pictures, you wouldn’t have hit me up otherwise. 

me : But.. I was expecting a sixteen year old?! You’re old enough to be my dad. We had a connection for, like, 3 weeks! You told me you were sixteen .. that’s weird . 

him : Age is just a number, right? Anyway, come with me to hang out, it’s going to be great. I’ll order us some tequila. 

me : I don’t think so. 

him : OK, I am sorry. I can just drop you off back home. It’s already pretty late.

me : OK. 

I thought it was at least decent of him to offer to drop me back home. He was sorry for what he did, and I was more worried about my parents asking where I was, so I decided then and there to leave the café with him. 

I would have left with him, but a woman, named Angel, who was sitting on the table next to us the whole time and heard everything, gets up as we are about to leave. She blocks the way and turns to face me. 

Angel : Hun, if you need a ride somewhere I will take you. Why don’t you stay with me? If you have never met this man before now, please don’t go in his car. Call a taxi . I will give you money if you don’t have any money for a taxi. 

me : He already said he was going to drive me home. 

Angel : He pretended to be somebody he is not. (at this point she glares up at the man, and looks back to me.) This is how bad things happen to pretty, young girls like you, hun. Listen, I am a mother and I want to protect you right now. 

At this point, I am feeling very nervous and confused, and I am unable to process what’s happening. Angel and the man start talking harshly to each other. 

Angel to him : Please leave her alone. 

him : I think she is going to come with me now … 

Angel : No, I don’t think so… have a good day, Brian. 

At this point, ‘Brian’ starts pulling my arm to get me out of the cafe. Angel just holds my hand firmly as I resist him. 

him to Angel: Listen lady, why don’t you mind your business? 

Angel : I’m going to call the Clarkstown Police. 

She made me sit in the inside chair on their table. At this point, she is making motions to shield me away from him. The other people in the restaurant and even the staff are watching the whole scene unfold now.

him : You can’t do that. 

Angel : I can and I will! It’s pretty creepy for you to lie about being sixteen! What were you planning with this girl? 

him : Whatever, thanks for ruining my day. 

“Brian” finally leaves, as soon as she said the word cops. The restaurant staff and some other customers stand up now, watching guard over the two restaurant entrance-ways to make sure he knows he isn’t welcome back. As Angel and I talk, I eventually hear the motor of his vehicle scamper off in the distance.

Angel : (hugging me tightly) Right now I am shaking like a leaf… thank God you stayed with us. 

At this point, I’m shivering, as one of the waiters serves me some hot mushroom soup. The manager shouts at us that it’s on the house. 
I eat hungrily until not a drop is left. Finally, Angel speaks to me again.

Angel : I will drop you home.

I was tired and tense, but she called our home and left a message she was bringing me there. As I rode with her, I finally got sleepy, but Angel hugged me murmuring it was going to be OK, as her husband drove.

When we finally got home, I made sure my mom, who got home late, went out to meet her. My mother thanked her again and again. 

Mom : I just can’t believe you did all that, and even came all the way here, to drop her back. 

Angel : That’s because I come from a village where every neighbor is family. 

Pass this message to every young girl or their parents…so they don’t end up making the same mistake I did.