Make The Best Sticky Sweet Cinnamon Rolls Using Your Slow Cooker

slow cooker cinnamon rolls

There’s no better way to spend a lazy morning than with the sweet smell of cinnamon rolls wafting through the house.

We cut the time it would normally take by not making homemade dough and also by employing a secret weapon: the slow cooker. These cinnamon rolls are so quick and easy you can leave your pajamas on to make them. Since there’s no oven to watch, you could even sneak back under the covers for a couple hours.

We took a semi-homemade approach by using canned crescent rolls for the dough but went with a tried-and-true filling from our from-scratch cinnamon roll recipe. Then they got rolled up, cut up and snuggled up into the slow cooker, which we flipped on high for two hours.

Pro tip: Before putting on the lid, lay a piece of paper towel across the top of the pot to catch any condensation. This ensures that the rolls will come out steamy and crisped on the edges, just begging for a thick drizzle of glaze.


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