Incredibly Fearless Animals Prove That Size Doesn’t Matter

There are situations in this life when we end up questioning a decision we took, a path which we chose, or a word we spoke. But sometimes, all we need to hear is that one golden phrase, ’’You can do it!’’ heard at the right moment. We found these 13 photos of animals which convinced us that, whatever challenge we’re up against or however much danger we find ourselves in, we should always trust in ourselves and our inner strength!

size doesn't matterIt seems they’re starting to abuse my laziness…

size doesn't matterClose your mouth! I’m tired of sitting like this.

size doesn't matterI’m so lucky to have you…

size doesn't matter— I said you can’t eat me! Get lost!
— Fine, fine, take it easy. I’ll eat somebody else, then…

size doesn't matterThree more lifts, then it’s time for a shower!

size doesn't matterDon’t worry, I can handle it. What do you mean it’s too much for me?

size doesn't matterHello there! Would you mind pointing me in the direction of the nearest library?

size doesn't matterStand still! My forehead’s itching!

size doesn't matterLand ahoy! Boatswain, get ready to cast the left anchor!

size doesn't matterWhat a strange twig! It keeps moving…

size doesn't matterAt ease men, it’s time for lunch!

size doesn't matter— I told you, this is my patch of ice!
— Alright alright, I’ll be on my way…

size doesn't matterNow that’s just plain rude!


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