39 DIY Projects That Are So Simple That Even I Can Do Them

When I see DIY projects, I always think they look like a good idea. But in reality, I’m the least creative person out there and they usually look like a 5-year-old did them when I make an attempt. Over the years, I’ve learned to pace myself when it comes to DIY projects. I take on only ones that I know I can actually do. I’m not Martha Stewart! I must stick to the simple DIY projects instead. When I found this list of 39 simple DIY projects, I knew I found the perfect list for me!

1. Just because you’re not an artist, doesn’t mean that you can’t try your hand at painting. This design is a quick and simple abstract painting that would look great in most rooms. 

2. Hide your alarm box behind a cool painting of your choice. Attach hinges to the wall and painting, and you’ll never know there is something behind it. 

3. Get paper mache letters, spray paint them your favorite color, and you have cute letters for anywhere in your house.


4. Not sure how to store your art supplies? Turn your colored pencils into a work of art when you put them in a rainbow display.


5. No use for your old CD’s anymore? Turn the jewel cases into picture frames.

6. Do you have a big space to fill, but nothing to put there. Cut circles out of poster board, spray paint them, then glue onto a canvas, frame, and hang!

7. Turn your Instagram pictures into an awesome clock! You can even change out the pictures if you want to update it a bit. Get all the directions here

8. Turn coffee stir sticks into a work of art. Paint them a variety of colors, then glue them into place inside a frame. This can be done to match any color of your decor. 


9. Not sure what type of picture to hang? Find an antique frame at a thrift store. Then visit your local fabric store and find something that matches what you’re looking for. Frame the fabric, and you’ll have a great piece of art all ready to go. 

10. This great piece of flower art is made using 2 things: doilies and orange thumb tacks! How simple is that!


11. Spice up a boring wall using foil tape to create awesome designs. 

12. Create a vertical succulent garden following the steps above. This would be great to bring some life inside during the winter or a great backdrop on a small patio.