Forget About A Man Cave. These “She Sheds” Are One Of The Best Things You Will See All Week.

The concept of the man cave is nothing new, a space where a dude can set up his favorite foosball table, poster collection and La-Z-Boy chairs to just kick back to enjoy all things manly. But what about ladies?

Step aside boys, lady sheds are here to stay. Check out these incredible lady sheds for inspiration.

1. For just $250, a New Mexico-based craft blogger turned this old shed into her very own DIY craft shed.

she sheds 1

she sheds 2

2. Alison Kynaston won a “She Shed” contest with this gorgeous tropical mini-cabin.

she sheds 3

she sheds 4

3. This rustic cabin brings the sweet charm to the outside as well as the inside.

she sheds 5

4. This English-countryside-influenced shed would be the perfect space for an afternoon tea.

she sheds 6

5. This beachside shed sparks some serious envy.

she sheds 8

6. This shed is just a couple of steps away from the main house but it’s a colorful burst of a getaway.

she sheds 9

7. Tatiana Hardisty used her shed to create a loving tribute to her childhood home in St. Petersburg, Russia.

she sheds 10

8. These she sheds are just perfect for craft spaces.

she sheds 11

9. This shed has a glorious balance of rustic charm and straight up glamor.

she sheds 12

10. The sheds look just precious in wintertime, adding a dash of color against the gloomy backyard palate.

she sheds 13

11. No matter what the main house looks like, the she shed is a space to let out your creativity.

she sheds 14

12. Or create a deeply zen space.

she sheds 15

13. This 1950’s diner shed pays tribute to a more innocent, bygone era.

she sheds 16

14. This shed strikes a balance between coziness and elegant minimalism.

she sheds 17

15. The sheds provide a great wintertime retreat.

she sheds 18

16. This adorably rustic home is an upcycler’s dream.

she sheds 19

17. The sheds are just beautiful blank canvases to project your personality. What would you do with this shed?

she sheds 20


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