Something Brilliant Happens When She Mixes Shaving Cream With Food Coloring

We love to highlight unique and sometimes bizarre art forms. Whether you’re using drywall, folding paper, or even a horse’s mane, art can express itself in a variety of ways. Today we are featuring a new artistic technique that is fun for the whole family. While it may not have the prestige that other art forms carry, it definitely carries a ton of charm. Get ready to be introduced to the world of “fluffy painting.”

It’s demonstrated here by Debbie Chapman of the blog One Little Project. She shows that with just a few simple supplies, you can create an instant paint set for your kids that doesn’t require going out and buying expensive tools. In fact, everything you need for this project is probably already in your house.
Want to see how she does it? You can follow along with the instructions below.

The only supplies you need are shaving cream, glue, food coloring, and something to mix it all in.
shaving cream mixed with food color 1

Start by dumping glue into a bowl. Don’t be shy, you will need a lot of it.
shaving cream mixed with food color 2

Then put in the shaving cream, try to make sure you have equal parts shaving cream and glue.
shaving cream mixed with food color 3

Next, mix in the food coloring. You can use any color or combination of colors you want. Debbie suggests adding 10-15 drops.
shaving cream mixed with food color 4

Once it’s all in the bowl, take some time to mix it all together.
shaving cream mixed with food color 5

Repeat the process for any color that you want to make.
shaving cream mixed with food color 6

Then you can finally start painting. The shaving cream and glue result in a unique texture that is super fun to play around with.
shaving cream mixed with food color 7

When the paint dries, the look will stay the same.
shaving cream mixed with food color 8
Debbie says, “After it dried, the girls kept wanting to poke it with their fingers to feel the texture. None of us could resist the cool foaminess!” If you want to see more of Debbie’s creative ideas, you can check them out here.


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