Beachgoers Stop What They Are Doing To Help A Stranded Shark

When unexpected visitor washed up on the shore of Port Fairy’s East Beach, beachgoers refused to let him suffer. They did everything in their power to get him the help he needed.

An animal believed to be a mako shark, was spotted struggling on the Australian beach.

According to Australia’s ABC News, people tried to pull the shark back out to sea themselves, but were unable to successfully.

That’s when the professional assistance of Fisheries Victoria, a government agency, was called in to finish the job.

The shark, who was stressed by the entire ordeal, managed to hang on until wildlife officials were able to pull him out to the point where he could swim off on his own.

Shark strandings don’t happen as often as whale or dolphin strandings do, but  the best course of action is to immediately contact local wildlife officials who are more equipped to get the animal back home in the safest way possible.


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