While Saving His Family From Gunmen, The Unthinkable Happened…

Sitting in the corner of his dad’s convenience store, Usman Seth, didn’t know that he was seconds away from engaging in a full blown gun fight. A man had secretly cased the store earlier in the day, and then returned wearing a mask and holding a loaded shotgun.

The mask man pointed the gun at his sister behind the counter. Seth’s dad was sitting next to him at the time and handed a gun to him. Then it was on as Seth fired at the man, crippling him in the leg, as the man returned fire back. Seth got him to the back of the store where more shots were fired on the masked man, and he was finally able to disarm him. At that point the man hobbles and falls, with nothing left to do but give up. Unfortunately for him he should have given up a lot sooner. Police and paramedics came but the man ended up dying at the scene. Check out the video for footage of the gun battle and hear what Seth has to say about saving his sister and killing the robber.


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