Star Wars: The Force Awakens Includes 10 Cameo Appearances By These Stars

Have you seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet? It’s been out for less than a week, but has already smashed box office records with a whopping $238 million opening weekend – and that’s just in the U.S. Globally, the film has brought in over $500 million, and set the record as the first movie to ever exceed a revenue of $100 million in one day. It seems like people everywhere just can’t get enough of Star Wars.

And that includes Hollywood stars. When director J.J. Abrams announced that a new Star Wars film would be coming to the big screen in 2015, many famous faces (and voices) jumped at the chance to be involved. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t worry – we aren’t going to give away any spoilers. What we do have is a guide to 10 secret cameos that Abrams hid within the film. Whether you are watching it for the first time or tenth, here’s what you need to know to spot them all!

1. Recognize Thomas Brodie-Sangster as the adorable little kid in Love Actually? What about as the prophetic dreamer Jojen Reed from Game of Thrones? He appears as First Order Petty Officer Thanison, but unfortunately only has one line before tragedy strikes.
secret cameos 1

2. When Rey has flashbacks, the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi might sound familiar. That’s because it’s Ewan McGregor, who played Kenobi in the three prequels.
secret cameos 2

3. Billie Lourd, who stars as Resistance fighter Lieutenant Connix, is the real-life daughter of Carrie Fisher, otherwise known as Princess Leia. Her hairstyle is a homage to her mom’s famous locks.
secret cameos 3

4. Jessica Henwick also appears as part of the Resistance. You might recognize her as Nymeria Sand from Game of Thrones, the eighth of Prince Oberyn’s daughters.
secret cameos 4

5. BB-8 is already world famous, but did you know that Bill Hader lent his voice for the robotic sounds? The funnyman has starred in many films, but is best known for his 8-year stint on Saturday Night Live.
secret cameos 5

6. The Kanjiklub Gang, a group that shows up on Hans Solo’s ship, is made up of actors and stunt fighters from The Raid.
secret cameos 6

7. Try as you might, you’re not going to spy Simon Pegg. He dressed in latex and padding to enhance his CG character, Unkar Plutt. Pegg is best known for writing and starring in satirical films such as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.
secret cameos 7

8. Daniel Craig is uncredited, but he is indeed Stormtrooper JB-007. Look for him as the Stormtrooper that Rey demands release her.
secret cameos 8

9. Greg Grunberg makes an appearance as pilot Snap Wexley, but for anyone familiar with J.J. Abrams, that shouldn’t be a surprise. The two are childhood friends, and Abrams has cast his buddy in many of his projects, including Felicity, Alias, Heroes and Lost.
secret cameos 9

10. Last but not least, fans will be excited to see Warwick Davis make a return to the franchise. He previously appeared as Wicket the Ewok in Return of the Jedi, and returns in The Force Awakens as Wollivan, a pink, snout-nosed creature in a tavern scene.
secret cameos 10


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