Seal In Ireland Flops Across The Road Every Day To Get To A Seafood Restaurant

A seal in Ireland had a daily routine.  \Every day, he crosses the street to his favorite restaurant for fresh fish.  

seal crosses road

Sammy, as the locals call him, crawls out of Howth harbor, crosses the two-lane street, and then it’s a beggar’s banquet at The Lighthouse Seafood Restaurant.

seal crosses road

Well, most of the time. In this clip, a restaurant employee tries to steer Sammy back into the harbor with a chair, w hen that doesn’t work, he throws a fish from the restaurant back into the harbor.

And Sammy, jumps in and retrieves his dinner!  An unimpressed dog barks in his face.

seal crosses road

But Sammy’s got his eyes on the prize. He heaves himself out of the water. And the cycle begins all over again.


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