He Covers A Conway Twitty Song At The Grand Ole Opry

If there was ever a man to define the country music genre, it was Conway Twitty. Ironically, radio DJs of the 1960s disagreed. When Twitty first came onto the scene, some country radio stations refused to play his records, believing them to be “too rock and roll.” However, that all changed in 1968, when Twitty began pumping out one single after another. Although he passed away in 1993, he held the record for most number one singles in any genre until 2006. There’s no doubt, Twitty is a certified music legend.

That’s exactly why some were apprehensive when Scotty McCreery, winner of American Idol in 2011, announced that he was going to sing Twitty’s “Hello Darlin” at the Grand Ole Opry in February 2015. After all, “Hello Darlin” isn’t just any song – it’s one of Twitty’s most beloved classics. Could any other artist do the song justice? You’ll have to decide for yourself …


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