9 Different Techniques To Make A Delicious Sandwich Without Using Bread

If you’re trying to lose weight, then you probably are not eating too much bread. But this doesn’t mean you have to give up eating your favorite sandwich.

Here are nine of the best ideas for making a sandwich and not consuming bread.

Salmon on lettuce leaves

This marvelous alternative not only satisfies your body’s need for Omega-3 acid, but also is a very filling “sandwich.  It will stop you from feeling hungry for a long time.

sandwich making techniques 1

The bell pepper sandwich

Instead of using bread, try replacing it with delicious bell peppers.  If your goal is to make not only the tastiest, but also the most filling, sandwich, then try adding cheese, spinach and pieces of avocado.

sandwich making techniques 2

Rolls made from sweet potato

The paleo diet is a very popular diet. The main idea behind involves eating only those things which our ancestors consumed thousands of years ago. One of these was sweet potato, and what a great  alternative to ordinary bread!

sandwich making techniques 3

Grilled eggplant

Grill an eggplant on both sides, fill it with favorite ingredients. We recommend tomatoes, mushrooms, and lettuce leaves.

sandwich making techniques 4

Tapioca pancakes

Tapioca is a starchy, granular food which is rich in fiber and essential fatty acids, and as an added bonus, gluten free. These pancakes are a delicious breakfast item.

sandwich making techniques 5

Plantain flour flatbread

Flatbread made from plantains have a slightly spicy taste, and are slighty green in color. You can use it in exactly the same way as you use ordinary bread — adding it to either meat, vegetables or rice.

sandwich making techniques 6

A cucumber sandwich

This is a tasty variant of the sandwich that not only gets rid of hunger, but also thirst. Simply slice a cucumber in two lengthwise and remove the core. Fill with your favorite ingredients…and get ready for the unusually ’juicy’ taste!

sandwich making techniques 7

A tomato burger

Just substitute tomatoes for the hamburger bun and voila!

sandwich making techniques 8

Shiitake mushroom sandwich

Shiitake mushrooms are considered a symbol of youth and longevity. When you combine them in a sandwich with other vegetables and some herbs, it’s like a real vitamin bomb!

sandwich making techniques 9


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