A Room Full Of Balloons Magically Became A Life Lesson

A group of 50 was listening to a seminar lecture, when the speaker began to pass out balloons. He asked everyone to write their name on the balloons, which were then collected and placed in another room.
room full of balloons 1

The group of 50 was then let in, and told to find the balloon with their name on it. The room exploded in chaos, as everyone frantically searched for their name. After 5 minutes, no one had found their balloon.
room full of balloons 2

The speaker stopped the group, and asked everyone to pick up a random balloon and find the person it belonged to. It only took a few minutes for everyone to be reunited with their balloon.
room full of balloons 3

The point of the exercise? Running and pushing your way through life is not the path to happiness. Work together, raise up your neighbors and genuine happiness will find you. This is the purpose of human life.
room full of balloons 4


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