Japanese Turn Ordinary Rice Fields Into Something Incredible…

Every year, Japanese farmers plant different varieties of rice on the same field with one very specific purpose. Thus, they created breathtaking, life-like pictures on the fields when the rice is ripe.
rice fields 1

rice fields 2

rice fields 3

They select different kinds of ’colored’ rice that will eventually create the image of Japanese national heroes or cartoon characters.
rice fields 4

rice fields 5

rice fields 6

rice fields 7

The massive works of art are officially called tanbo.
rice fields 8

rice fields 9

Originally, tanbo art was started in the early 1990s when a small village of Inakadate was looking for a way to revitalize their village.
rice fields 10

rice fields 11

Every year thousands of people come to Japan in autumn during rice harvesting season to see these masterpieces with their own eyes.
rice fields 12

rice fields 13

rice fields 14


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