Tintin The Rescued Squirrel Is Here To Make You Smile

TinTin the red squirrel was just an infant when he fell out of his mother’s nest and into a garden below. For most baby squirrels, this would have meant the end.

But soon after the accident, he was discovered by Decan Anderson – and both of their lives changed forever.

Decan found TinTin under a tree, in the garden beside his building in Denmark. He knew he had to save the little guy.

rescued squirrel 1

Decan’s cat, Coco, took to TinTin immediately and started cleaning and snuggling him.

rescued squirrel 2

Because of the injuries he sustained in the fall, TinTin had to be taken to the vet. Afterwards, Decan made him sweaters out of socks so that he wouldn’t scratch at his healing wounds.

rescued squirrel 3

Everything was going great, but there was just one problem.

rescued squirrel 4

“The red squirrel is an endangered species in many counties, and therefore illegal to capture and hold as pets,” Andersen wrote. “But under TinTin’s special circumstances, I’ve gotten exclusive permission from the Danish wildlife preservation to care and nurse for TinTin, till the ends of his days, in a good 15 to 20 years from now.”

rescued squirrel 5

He even goes for walks on a tiny leash!

rescued squirrel 6

And he is a BIG fan of walks!

rescued squirrel 7

Can you blame him?

rescued squirrel 8

One thing is for sure: TinTin is a great fit for his new family.

rescued squirrel 9

He likely wouldn’t have made it long without Decan. Now, they’re just happy they found each other!

rescued squirrel 10

If you ever wonder what you should do if you were to find yourself in a similar situation, here are a few useful tips for rescuing baby squirrels. Thank goodness that Decan was there to save TinTin because that much cuteness needed to be seen by the world.


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