Do Not Throw Away Shirts With Oil Stains Until You Try This Simple Method For Removing Them

It’s one of the biggest clothing nightmares there is. Whether you splash oil on your shirt while cooking or you spill olive oil on you while dressing your salad, there’s no clothing issue more troubling than getting an oil stain. I’ve definitely lost a few great shirts to the oil stain battle. But that’s because I didn’t have this technique on my side. When specialty cleaners don’t work at returning your clothing to its unspoiled state, just grab these ingredients.

shirt stain

What You Need:

-Liquid dish soap, like Dawn
-WD-40 (surprising, I know)
-Baking soda
-Old toothbrush
-Cardboard scrap

Here’s the Magic Method:

See that nasty olive oil stain? First, place a piece of cardboard underneath the part of the shirt where the stain is (you don’t want to affect the back of the shirt!) Then, spray the oil stained area with a bit of WD-40. You can use a Q-tip to work it into the entire stain.

shirt stain 1

2. Next, cover the entire wet area with baking soda. You’re going to want to use more than you think you need. Make a little bit of a baking soda mountain on that stain. It will work to soak up all that offending oil and WD-40.

shirt stain 2

3. Use an old toothbrush to work the baking soda completely into the stain. Scrub until you see large clumps of baking soda forming.

shirt stain 3

shirt stain 4

4.Pour some dish detergent over the baking soda area. Then grab that toothbrush and work that in as well. Note: you might want to have a rag handy to wipe off the clumps in the toothbrush as you go. All that baking soda will definitely get caught in your toothbrush, especially when adding the dish soap.

shirt stain 5

shirt stain 6

5. Remove the cardboard, then throw that shirt into the washing machine and launder as usual. You can go ahead and put this in the washing machine with other clothes you need to wash – no need to waste a cycle on one shirt!

6. Voila! That stain should be history (or at least drastically less noticeable). And if it’s not, just repeat this process.

shirt stain 7