Here Are 9 Reasons Why Everybody Loves Redheads

Natural gingers, who have long been the subject of teasing, scorn and folklore, are finally starting to get their fifteen minutes of fame. The UK is hosting a “Ginger Pride Day” complete with a festival, and redheaded celebrities are becoming a very hot ticket in music, Hollywood and beyond.

Sure, Kick a Ginger Day still exists, and there are always going to be those people who think we are going to steal their souls…but what if people started looking at this rare 2% of the population for the unique and powerful traits they offer?

Here are the top reasons to date a natural ginger:

redheads are the perfect humans

1. First things first–They Are Mutants

If you’ve seen the X-Men franchise, I’m sure you think it might be pretty cool to date a mutant superhero. Until such time when mutants walk among us, a redhead might be your next best bet. The gene that makes a ginger a redhead is called MC1R gene and is actually a genetic mutation that gives them ‘superpowers’ beyond red hair (think easier ability to absorb vitamin D, higher tolerance for pain and unique ability to sprout freckles).

redheads are the perfect humans

2. They Can Absorb Extra Vitamin D

The vast majority of the North American population is deficient in Vitamin D, leading to a host of illness and decreased immune system function. Yet that same mutation that makes a ginger’s porcelain skin more prone to sunburns also gives them a unique ability to absorb Vitamin D. What this means is they can spend less time in the sun and get more of the ever-important vitamin; meaning they are probably going to be way healthier than you. And who doesn’t want a healthy lover?

redheads are the perfect humans

3. Grey Hair? Not for a Ginger!

Redheads generally won’t go grey. That’s right, those beautiful auburn locks will start to turn blonde overtime instead of the usual white or grey that we associate with old age. Choose a ginger lover and feel young forever!

redheads are the perfect humans

4. The Men are Less Likely to get Prostate Cancer

That’s right, a new study indicates that ginger men are less likely to get prostate cancer which means they will be healthy and ready to go potentially longer than their counterparts. Nothing wrong with that!

redheads are the perfect humans

5. They Have More Sex

According to the University of Hamburg, redheads have more sex than their blonde or brunette counterparts. Which means that if you snag one of these rare creatures, you can expect to spend more time in the bedroom. Couple that with an adventurous spirit and you’re bound to go red and never go back!

redheads are the perfect humans

6. They’ve Got Strong Bones

Remember that special Vitamin D ability that we mentioned above? That translates into stronger bones so that redheads can go harder and longer than everyone else–making them an ideal partner for the long term.

redheads are the perfect humans

7. Science Says They Will Drive you Mad with Desire

According to The Redhead Encyclopedia, the genetic mutation that causes those ginger locks also causes redheads to emit more pheromones than their counterparts and those pheromones make them damn near irresistible to suitors.

redheads are the perfect humans

8. They Experience Sensations more Deeply

They don’t just have unique abilities when it comes to the sun, they actually FEEL more than most people. Pain and pleasure, it all goes further with a redhead according to Psychology Today. That opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to making love–and creating fun!

redheads are the perfect humans

9. They’re Gorgeous!

Ok, this might be a bit of a stretch, but a lot of people do feel that the combination of pale porcelain skin, blue/green eyes and red locks is a look for the ages…and who doesn’t want to feel a fiery attraction to their lover?The fire will always be kicked up a notch if you snag a redhead!

redheads are the perfect humans


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