Scientists Say Women Should Stop Wearing Bras Immediately. The Reason Might Surprise You…

wearing a braThe bra is designed to support the breasts, but what are the risks of wearing a bra anyway? According to research by Jean Dennis Rouillion, the bra doesn’t actually support breasts. It also doesn’t help with sagging. What’s more, is that it doesn’t even promote back pain reduction. 

It was discovered over a 15 year study that the breasts actually can become more saggy from wearing bras. While those women who stop wearing bras actually experienced a 7mm lift in the nipple area.

Wearing a bra can hinder blood circulation, while women who don’t wear bras will experience more collagen, which results in better elasticity. So, it could be concluded that going bra-free will improve breast conditions.

side effects of wearing a bra


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