30 Random Notes That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

People are so caught up in technology nowadays, no one really bothers to pick up a pen or pencil anymore. Even notes in class are more likely to be typed on a laptop, tablet, or sometimes a smart phone. We live in a generation where handwriting is becoming more and more obsolete – which is what makes receiving a handwritten note in this day and age so special.

Some of the best notes are the ones we don’t expect. Sometimes you’ll get lucky with a heartwarming one that was personally for you and other times you’ll get a small chuckle from a funny one that’s for someone else. Our personal favorites are the random funny ones.

#1. Happy birthday Wes!
random notes 1

#2. A trolly note left by a pair of grandparents.
random notes 2

#3. A note tossed from a stranger in another car during a traffic jam.
random notes 3

#4. Mr. Candy Man… give me my sweets.
random notes 4

#5. A super passive agressive note to the Tooth Fairy from a pissed off kid.
random notes 5

#6. A kind reminder left for a police officers.
random notes 6

#7. Nice try kid.
random notes 7

#8. One of the cutest notes a teacher could ever confiscate.
random notes 8

#9. Maybe you should grammar check before sending out official letters.
random notes 9

#10. An awesome note from an awesome landlord.
random notes 10

#11. A note left by a husband other men should be taking lessons from.
random notes 11

#12. One of the many kind notes this great mailman has been dropping into random mailboxes.
random notes 12

#13. The worst note any cat owner can find in their cat’s collar.
random notes 13

#14. You tell them, Martin Spooner King.
random notes 14

#15. Thoughtful neighbors.
random notes 15