The Most Powerful Mobile Crane In The World

Meet the Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1, the most powerful mobile crane that’s ever been engineered.

This monster of a crane has the capabilities of lifting up to 1,200 tons of weight without falling over, which is around the same weight as twelve adult Blue Whales!

powerful mobile crane 1

It can extend upwards of 328 feet (which is 50 feet taller than the previous record holder), but can be equipped to extend to a grand total of 630 feet. That’s not to say it could lift it’s maximum that high, currently it has only managed a total of eight feet of lift with that much attached!

Due to the fact that this crane has more mobility than many others like it and the massive amount of weight it can haul, it’s probably one of the best options to use for the hulking wind turbines. With more capacity and mobility, why aren’t we simply making this the standard for large scale operations?


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