These Pool Noodle Tricks Show You Why They Aren’t Just For Swimming Anymore

It’s a bit early yet to think about swimming, but let’s get ahead of the game and check out these tricks for your pool noodles!  The pool noodle has dozens of uses around the house. Check out these surprisingly handy pool noodle tricks.

1. Just punch small holes in the noodle, capping off one end and putting the hose in the other, you create a hanging sprinkler that works even for small spaces.

Pool Noodle Hacks 1

2. Here’s how to keep your boots upright.  Just place pool noodles in them in the off-season.

Pool Noodle Hacks 2

3. They can be used as children’s bed bumpers.

Pool Noodle Hacks 3

4. What an easy way to fill a bucket!

Pool Noodle Hacks 4

5. An adorable Marimekko-inspired wreath can be made by wrapping a pool noodle in cloth and attaching felt flowers in whatever colors you choose.

Pool Noodle Hacks 5

6. Stop your toddlers’ fingers from getting stuck in doors.

Pool Noodle Hacks 6

7. Trampoline safety:  protect yourself from pinches from the exposed springs. Pool noodles are great for wrapping around the springs for extra safety.

Pool Noodle Hacks 7

8. Cut different color noodles into coins and create fun, multi-color garlands.

Pool Noodle Hacks 8

9. Does your Jedi need a new light saber?  Just take a little duct tape, some markers and you’ve got a brand new lightsaber!

Pool Noodle Hacks 9

10. For a custom-made can cozy, cut pool noodles down by less than an inch of the height of a can.

Pool Noodle Hacks 10

11. Your uncomfortable wire frame lawn chairs are no match for the pool noodle.

Pool Noodle Hacks 11


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