15 Hilarious Pool Floats For Adults Who Never Grew Up

Once upon a time, pool floats were boring!  Just rectangular, massive slices of vinyl pumped full of air with no characteristics to speak of. Today however, it’s a different story. Pool floats come in all shapes and sizes, colors and designs.  Here are some of the more unique pool floats!

#1. Imagine floating on water, on the torso of a hot guy?
pool floats 1

#2. And it’s not just for the ladies, men can get a total bikini babe to paddle around the pool.
pool floats 2

#3. This epic float is one massive slip-and-slide/bouncy house, the price is epic as well, $9,000.
pool floats 3

#4. You can have so much fun on these floats, either riding or battling your swimming buddy!
pool floats 4

#5. How much fun is this float?  Think of the Instagram photos you could take with this one.
pool floats 5

#6. Just seven friends will complete the pie created by this float.
pool floats 6

#7. You may not mind bugs…but a floating cockroach?  Kind of gross, even for a float.
pool floats 7

#8. Taylor Swift made this float the most popular selling float of 2016. Who wouldn’t want to ride a unicorn?
pool floats 8

#9. Everyone loves flamingos.
pool floats 9

#10. This float is a tad intimidating, but pretty darn cool!
pool floats 10

#11. Imagine floating on this?  
pool floats 11

#12. A watermelon float?  This is just about as summer as you can get.
pool floats 12

#13. This pretzel shaped float has room for 2 more friends!
pool floats 13

#14. OK, not sure this is my favorite emoji, but a float?  
pool floats 14

#15. And finally, this: The ultimate summer float has cupholders for the ultimate summer cocktail!pool floats 15


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