Say Goodbye To Boring Nails With One Of These 16 Adorable Bow Manicures

Do you always wear your nails plain, or go for the same colors and styles when you hit the salon?  Step out of your comfort zone and try something different!  One of these designs is sure to be a conversation starter and eye catcher!

1. Black bow accent

With such a bold color, one bow is all that’s really needed for the desired effect.

polished nails

2. Subtle bows and polka dots

There is no cuter combo than bows and polka dots! This is the perfect manicure for that fun girl’s night out you keep thinking about!

polished nails 3

3. Classic and clean

You can’t go wrong with these. They’re flashy enough to make a statement, but professional enough to rock all week long, too!

polished nails 4

4. Red and wrapped

These are simply stunning. The Christmas red, the big, 3D bow, what more could one want when going for a flashy look?

polished nails 5

5. Tiffany blue with bows

These are the nails you need to send that extra little subliminal hint.

polished nails 6

6. Pink with bow accent

I. Love. This. Look. A big sparkly bow, some intricate detail, and then just solid pink. So. Classy.

polished nails 7

7. Pastel purple and polka dots

Another super cute mani! If purple is your passion, these nails are your fashion!

polished nails 8

8. Christmas wonderland

These nails are softer-looking than some of the edgier designs I’ve featured. Here, the bow is made into an accent on a present, which is simply awesome.

polished nails 9

9. Bling’d out

It’s the holidays after all! This mani is perfect for strong, bold people looking to leave a lasting impression.

polished nails 10

10. Yellow with gold and bows

When the look is this put together, bows on each nail really work! This manicure is great for a special family function.

polished nails 11

11. Mix-matched and all over

Sometimes, you just can’t choose! This is the manicure for those times.

polished nails 12

12. Black and white

These are perfect for New Year’s Eve! (Yes, even if you’re just hanging out at home with the rugrats or pets).

polished nails 13

13. Red and white

These little bows add the perfect accent for thumbs! Plus, during this season, you really can’t go wrong with red and white.

polished nails 14

14. Hot pink bling

These might just be my favorite! The little gem accents and silver nails are the perfect finish to this masterpiece mani.

polished nails 15

15. Shimmery lil’ bows

These are far more abstract the others listed, and I love them for it! Subtle, shimmery, and perfect for the season of celebration!

polished nails 16

16. Wrapped wreaths

These bows highlight the cute holiday wreaths wonderfully.

polished nails 17



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