Doctor Removes Bizarre Thing From His Plugged Up Nose

When you get a nosebleed the first reaction is to either rush to the bathroom for some toilet paper or the sink, or you snag a few tissues to help clog it up.

Otherwise you’ll be sitting there with your head leaned back for what feels like ages, desperately attempting to breathe solely through your mouth so no blood particles get sprayed anywhere. Well, one method more than a few people utilize is a simple tampon up the nose, especially for those bleeds that never seem to stop. Well, unfortunately for one man he ended up with a tampon stuck in his nostril and had no clue how to get it back out.

Luckily for this guy Dr. Aws Alfahad was available to help him out, and like an endless rope from a magicians sleeve the tampon seems to stretch on forever! It really makes you wonder just how far back the tampon actually was, but what’s really curious is how he managed to shove one that far back. There’s no way I could sit back peacefully while something like that was being shoved up my nose, let alone pulled out. What about you.


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