A 5-Year-Old Girl Is Mauled By The Neighbor’s Dog. What Their Own Pit Bull Does Is Beyond Amazing.

Pit bulls are often portrayed as the villain in news stories, but the one in this story that saved a little girl being mauled by another dog is a hero, says WSVN News in West Palm Beach.

Five-year-old Remayah Hernandez was playing outside with her friend when she tried to pet the neighbor’s Labrador retriever mix. That’s when the dog attacked, biting the little girl in the face, says her mother.

Luckily for Remayah (and unfortunately for the Lab mix) the family pit bull, Trigger, was in the backyard. When he noticed what was happening to Remayah, Trigger sprang into action. He jumped the fence and attacked the dog biting Remayah, killing the animal on the spot.

Later, Remayah summed up what happened to her. “He bit me in the face, and I went to the hospital because I got bitten by the lips,” she said. Her neighbor whose dog was responsible for the attack said he was stunned by the whole incident. “I sincerely believe inside of me that my dog is innocent,” he said. “It’s very unfortunate what happened, but I’m more worried about the girl, now that my dog is gone.”

Because the family used vacation money to pay for Remayah’s plastic surgery, a planned trip to Disney World had to be postponed. But they were able to raise the money again through a GoFundMe.com site and are looking to get a rain date on the calendar.


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