Try This Delicious “Drunk Pig Poutine” At Your Next Family Gathering

pig poutine


Poutine? The name instantly rang true as if I’d known it my whole life. So many questions instantly sprang forth. My senses heightened … vision focused … stomach growled. It’s like my body knew something magical was about to happen. The man reappeared into that truck window with what can only be described as what was inside the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. I was home. And then the rest of my life happened.

10 minutes to prepare serves 2 adults or 1 Grizzly Man


  • 1 pound Delicious French Fries
  • 1 pound of your favorite Pulled Pork or our famous Slow Cooker Beer Pulled Pork
  • 8 ounes Succulent Gravy
  • 8 ounces Creamy Cheese Curds
  • 1/2 bunch Fragrant Green Onions – Sliced



1. BAKE FRIES: Choose your favorite fries. Could be steak fries. Could be waffle fries. You could get crazy and do seasoned curly fries. Whatever direction you go, you win. Bake enough fries to fill a cast iron skillet.

2. PREPARE PULLED PORK: Warm your favorite pulled pork. You should have left over pulled pork in your fridge at all times. Feel free to cut corners and buy your favorite prepackaged pulled pork from the store, but if you want the true “Drunk Pig Poutine”, you’ll need Slow Cooker Beer Pulled Pork.

3. WARM GRAVY: Prepare your favorite gravy on stove top or in microwave. We keep it simple, and stock our shelves with store-bought turkey and beef gravy 365 days per year. You can save a few coins and prepare your gravy from a packet too. If you’re a crazy rad, you’ll render your own gravy from a cooked beast. The goal of this step: Get. Warm. Gravy.

4. CREATE SKILLET: Lay down a hearty layer of fries. Top evenly with a pound of Pulled Pork. Top again, evenly, with your 8 ounces of Cheese Curd chunks. Pour your warm gravy over the top of this delicious mountain.

5. BROIL SKILLET: Broil at high heat with skillet just a few inches from the heating elements. Keep an eye on your triumph. Once cheese is melty and gooey, remove skillet from oven.

6. GARNISH: Sprinkle your sliced green onions.

7. POUTINE DANCE: Do the poutine dance and dig in.


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