12 Clever Pie Crust Ideas That Will Make You Look Like A Pro

Here are 12 easy ways to make your pie crust look like a professional made it. Your guests will be speechless when they find out that you did it yourself!

1. Cut out leaf shapes

This pie crust looks like a work of art. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to cut these leaves by hand! The tutorial calls for a cookie cutter. Phew.


pie crust ideas

You can also decorate it with larger ones!

pie crust ideas

2. Make a classic lattice top

This recipe is good for any kind of pie. Follow this simple tutorial on how to make this pie crust. If you are feeling extra adventurous, twist each of the lattice pieces for an added touch.

pie crust ideas

3. Spiral Pie Crust

This one is easier than it looks.

pie crust ideas

4. Pie Crust Edges 

This is something small that you can do to make your pie look better. Click on the link below to find out several easy ways on how to make your pie crust edge into a masterpiece!

pie crust ideas

5. Create a flower 

Cut the petals out of the pie dough using a paring knife and layer the petals accordingly.

pie crust ideas

6. Cut out stars 

Instead of cutting out stars and placing them on your pie, why not do the opposite? Great idea for an American Thanksgiving!

pie crust ideas

7. Make a braided edge

Take three small strands (1/4 inch thick) of pie dough crust braid them together. You can also make a double braided edge crust by adding another braid on top.

pie crust ideas

8. Cut out holes to make a honeycomb pie top

All you need is a small pie cutter to cut out small circular holes in the pie dough (or use a thimble!) This idea is great for blackberry pie.

pie crust ideas

9. Make these mini apple pies

Why not make mini apple pies in muffin tins this Thanksgiving? Knead and shape the pie crust to follow this general shape. Follow the link for the pie recipe!

pie crust ideas

10. Use doilies to make a design

Although this recipe calls for doily cookies, this can very much work for pie crust as well! Roll the doily into the dough. You can cut out little shapes to decorate your pie with or cover the pie with a single piece of dough.

pie crust ideas

11. Put an adorable turkey on top

It’s really not that difficult! See below for the tutorial.

pie crust ideas

12. Make a herringbone pie crust

Your guests will love this one!

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