25 Pictures From History You May Not Recognize, But They Are Famous

When you look through history books, it is fascinating to see photos from historic events. Even if you weren’t alive at the time it happened, photos can take you back and make you feel like you are seeing the spectacle with your own eyes. Here, however, are 25 pictures from history you may not recognize, but they are famous nonetheless.

1.) 1963 – Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech.

2.) 1912 – The iceberg believed to have sunk the Titanic.

3.) 1929 – Filming the MGM Lion.

4.) 1989 – The Tank Man in Tiananmen Square, China. He’s to the left of the bulldozer.

5.) 1909 – Wilbur Wright flies around the Statue of Liberty.

6.) 1960 – Jackie Kennedy watching her husband debate Richard Nixon.

7.) 1945 – Aftermath of the Victory over Japan Day celebrations in New York City.

8.) 1990 – Iranian soldiers looks at the burning Iraqi oil fields.

9.) 1923 – The Hollywood sign right after it was built.

10.) 1936 – The other side of the Hoover Dam before it was flooded.

11.) 1967 – The Beatles’ shoot for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

12.) 1969 – Neil Armstrong right after he walked on the moon.

13.) 1963 – JFK giving his famous “Ich bin ein berliner” speech in Berlin, Germany.

14.) 1919 – Spectators watch the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.

15.) 1905 – Norway’s first ever shipment of bananas.

16.) 1914 – Young Adolf Hitler celebrating the announcement of World War One.

17.) 1969 – Crowds at the original Woodstock Music Festival.

18.) 1989 – East German soldier passing a flower through the Berlin Wall before it was torn down.

19.) 1989 – Traffic jam in Berlin as the border between East and West Germany opens.

20.) 1912 – The first World Series Game in New York.

21.) 1868 – A Native American observers the completed Transcontinental railroad.

22.) 1912 – The last photo of the Titanic before it sunk.

23.) 1963 – JFK’s funeral in the Capitol Building.

24.) The models of the “American Gothic” painting.

25.) 1862 – Abraham Lincoln and General George McClellan.



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