He Is Talking On The Phone When This Stranger Interrupts. Wait Until You See What Unfolds…

If this doesn’t convince you to keep an “inside voice” while on the phone, nothing will. While most people just grin and bear the loud callers, Greg Benson decided to mine some comedy gold from the everyday annoyance.

In 2006, Benson began his YouTube journey with one goal in mind: to make people’s days better. Since then, he has been pulling hilarious, yet positive, pranks on unwitting marks, earning himself almost 1.5 million YouTube subscribers and nearly 400 million views. Cell phone crashing is a fan favorite. Benson has taken the show on the road, so to speak, crashing people’s calls at the airport, mall, Disneyland, San Francisco and more. He’s also “pranked it forward,” using his hilarious set-ups to give back to the people he meets.


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