They Spot A Moose A Few Feet Away. But Look How They Respond To His Call For Help…

Here at Trendzified, it’s pretty easy to see that we absolutely love dogs and cats. But did you know that our love extends all across the animal world? Give us an awesome whale video any day of the week! And moose? We go absolutely crazy for those large, antlered mammals.

And we’re not alone; just listen to the completely awestruck voices of the family in the video below. While at their family cabin in Wyoming, Kim Eberhart caught sight of one of these majestic creatures and, luckily for us, knew she just had to capture the moment! But the shock at catching a glimpse of the large bull moose wasn’t the only one the Eberharts got that day. “The moose shook his head and his paddle fell off right in front of us! It was amazing,” Kim said. “He then looked a little scared and stunned and was shaking his head and made a really mournful sound afterwards.”

But don’t waste your time worrying about this big fella! While he might have convinced the family he was in pain with his sounds, animal experts say that shedding their antlers is actually a source of great relief for moose; the antlers of an adult moose can spread up to six feet and weigh a whopping 40 pounds. It might also be comforting to know that the antlers aren’t gone for good, or even for very long. Within a few days after the old antlers shed, new antlers and velvet skin, which cover the antlers and contain nerves and blood vessels to help nourish the new fledgling antlers, begin to grow.


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