See How Pentatonix Gives These Diners The Surprise Of A Lifetime

Imagine sitting in your local Cracker Barrel when the hottest vocal group in the country, Pentatonix, suddenly walks in and starts performing. That’s exactly what happened to Cracker Barrel diners in Mt. Juliet, Tenn. in this unbelievable clip.

Rare was invited to ride along as Pentatonix drove up to the Cracker Barrel for the big surprise.

The word had gotten out via social media that something was up, so fans were packed in every corner of the place by the time the group entered the building.

After a brief introduction, Pentatonix gave a stellar delivery of “Misbehavin’” — a standout track from their latest, self-titled album. As you can see from the crowd reaction, this song is definitely a Pentatonix fan favorite.

It was a huge moment for the vocal group after serving as presenters at the CMA Awards earlier in the week. During the appearance, they honored Country Music Hall of Fame inductees The Oak Ridge Boys with a performance of “Elvira.”

Look for Pentatonix to give more surprise performances at Cracker Barrel locations across the country in the coming weeks in support of their latest project. The album recently debuted at the top of the Billboard Top 200 chart, and it’s now available in-store at Cracker Barrel and online at

This latest performance is just one of the many breath-taking performances Pentatonix has done through the years, including this recent delivery of “Can’t Sleep Love” from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and this jaw-dropping holiday number, “Winter White Winter Hymnal.”


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