Peel An Apple In Just Few Seconds With This Peculiar Machine

Who doesn’t love a good apple? Apple jam, apple pastry, apple sauce, no matter how you slice them, apples are the perfect fruit. But let’s say you need to slice these babies quick. You don’t have a second to waste and you need these peeled as soon as possible. One handy trick will have an apple peeled in three seconds flat.

Using the Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor method of maximum power, you can peel an apple in the blink of an eye using a power drill. This isn’t your typical kitchen appliance, but it works handsomely. Just pop an apple on a drill, making sure to clean your drill bit thoroughly, and let it spin. Holding your spinning apple in one hand, and an ordinary vegetable peeler in the other, you can efficiently rip through a whole bushel of apples.

Need to make 20 gallons of apple juice? This drill peeler’s got your back. Gotta bake 15 apple pies for the county fair? Get it done in no time with a drill peeler. Are you bored and really need a snack? Say it with me, “apple drill peeler.”

Now if only we could figure out how to peel an orange in less than 30 minutes.


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