A Peacock Feather Is Thrown Under A Microscope. What This Man Discovers Is Very Surprising…

When you look at something closely, you might find yourself appreciating it more than you may have in the past. After all, it’s easy to overlook things in the hustle and bustle of life, and appreciating something a little more closely is a nice reminder to stop and make note of the beautiful things. But get even closer? Then things get weird. And amazing.

Photographer Waldo Nell, who uses a microscope to capture the stunning beauty of peacock feathers from a vantage point normally unseen by humans. Peacock feathers have been long prized for their beauty anyway, but Nell’s photos, which are actually composites of hundreds of images, bring their beauty to a new level.

Macro photography takes everyday things and shows us what they look like on the extremely close-up scale, which we’d normally only be able to see with a microscope.

The results, like these beautifully alien macro images of corals and sponges, remind us that there’s so much to the world we don’t even see, and that nature never ceases to be amazing.

Look at some of his images below and see another way to appreciate the beauty of these gorgeous feathers!

peacock feather1

Peacock feathers have enchanted people for centuries. The birds and their colorful plumage have been associated with gods and royalty in many cultures.

And their shimmering colors continue to fascinate us today.

peacock feather2

Waldo Nell is a software engineer as well as a photographer, so he knows his way around high-end technology. Macro photography allows him to combine his love of science and nature into a single stunning result.

peacock feather3

Instead of a camera, Nell uses a microscope. For this series, he placed a peacock feather under the lens and began snapping photos.

peacock feather4

The images you see here are actually composites. Nell takes hundreds of photos of the same feather section at different distances, then digitally “stacks” them together to create the stunning final images.

peacock feather5

The result is a single, unified image with uniform clarity and vibrance.

peacock feather6

From this close up, you might never guess that these were feathers. They look like some kind of iridescent mineral.

peacock feather7

Or huge coils of wire used in some kind of industrial capacity.

peacock feather8

Or maybe even some mysterious undersea creatures!

peacock feather9

You’d never guess that these are actually the tiny fibers of delicate feathers.

peacock feather10

Although now that you know, the rich, jewel-tone colors are kind of a giveaway!

peacock feather11

It’s amazing that something already so beautiful has so much more beauty to show us up close.

peacock feather12

And of course, they look pretty amazing from afar, too!


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