Ventriloquist Impresses Judges With His Amazing Act

Paul Zerdin is a 42-year-old ventriloquist from the U.K. who has had several brushes with success over the course of his career. His love of puppets began when he received a puppet theater from a friend of the family. From there, his self-described obsession only grew and as a young adult he also worked in a magic shop where he learned several tricks of the trade. He’s performed in front of British royalty and won several talent shows in the U.K., but now he’s bringing his act to America.

Paul previously impressed the judges on “America’s Got Talent” during his auditions. This time around, he brings a baby to the stage, but of course the baby is actually a ventriloquist dummy that’s part of the act. He makes several funny jokes including comparing Howie Mandel to the bald, big-eared puppet, and his act wins over the judges yet again. Judge Marlon Wayans is so impressed, that he uses his “Golden Buzzer” (each judge gets one-time use of this buzzer) to send him straight to the live episodes at Radio City Music Hall.


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