10-Year-Old Girl Impresses Everyone When She Was Asked By Paul McCartney To Join Him On Stage

When 10-year-old Leila Lacase and her mother went to Paul McCartney’s concert on May 17, they sat in the front row at La Plata Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentinathey.  They brought two handmade signs: one read “Sign my monkey” and the other read “I want to play bass with you”   and held them up, hoping to catch the star’s attention.

When McCartney invited them onstage and offered to sign Lacase’s stuffed monkey, she asked if she could play bass with him instead. Surprised by the question, McCartney asked her if she’d brought her bass with her; Lacase responded by gesturing to the spare bass guitar behind him. “This could be interesting,” McCartney said as a crew member fetched the instrument. “I didn’t see this coming!”

Lacase was handed a white bass that hung to her knees and the band launched into “Get Back,” from the Beatles’ final album, “Let It Be.” An aspiring rock star and lifelong Beatles fan, Lacase played and sang with the 73-year-old McCartney, who graciously lowered the microphone for her. “I was very nervous, but they gave me the bass, my fingers stopped trembling because I know the song well, I still can’t believe it happened,” Lacase said.

When the song wrapped, McCartney posed for a photo with Lacase and her mother, capping off an incredible moment in McCartney’s aptly named “One on One” tour. “Every Paul McCartney show promises a once in a lifetime evening that transcends and elevates the potential of live music,” says PaulMcCartney.com.  


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