How To Turn A Boring Mug Into Something Very Cool

Ever notice how your morning sets up the whole rest of your day? Whether you take a peaceful Zen approach to your mornings or you embrace the frantic chaos, you can’t do it without your trusty coffee mug.

So don’t settle for boring. Have a little fun with these super easy, inexpensive DIY coffee mug ideas.

1. This mug makes a perfect gift for grandparents, aunts and uncles.
painted mugs ideas 1

2. You can customize this chalkboard mug every day. (Perfect for the office.)
painted mugs ideas 2

3. We love the heart shape, but you can be creative with this. Your initials, stars or the shape of your home state would be cool with this design.
painted mugs ideas 3

4. Here’s a similar idea, just reversed.
painted mugs ideas 4

5. The perfect coffee mug for when you woke up flawless.
painted mugs ideas 5

6. Matching your mug to your manicure? Yes, please.
painted mugs ideas 6

7. Or go a little more subdued and match your outfit.
painted mugs ideas 7

8. These mugs make adorable anniversary gifts.
painted mugs ideas 8

9. This one has such a cute little surprise. (The directions are in French, but it’s easy to figure out.)
painted mugs ideas 9

10. This one gets points for being so spot-on accurate.
painted mugs ideas 10


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