This Man’s Contribution To His Neighborhood Is Heartwarming

Saudi Arabia is often thought of as a land of wealth and riches, but alongside affluent oil tycoons are those who live in extreme poverty. High rates of unemployment and displacement exasperate the situation, but most startling are the number of children who live on the street. Although it’s hard to get an exact count, there’s estimated to be at least 83,000 homeless individuals under the age of 18.

Some cross the border illegally to escape even worse environments, while others were bought from neighboring countries and abandoned. It’s heartbreaking to imagine what a day in the life must be like for these kids … will they find food? Water? Shelter? The unknowns are overwhelming.

One Saudi Arabian man, who wishes to remain anonymous, couldn’t stop thinking about the homeless children. He wanted to find a way to help – but what could one man do to make a difference?
outdoor fridge feeds homeless

That’s when he had a simple, but brilliant idea. He installed a fridge on the street, and called upon neighbors and good samaritans to help him keep it stocked.
outdoor fridge feeds homeless

Soon the fridge was full of water, home-cooked meals and nourishing snacks that the homeless could access 24/7. It’s incredible to think what a difference he has made.
outdoor fridge feeds homeless


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