Orphaned Baby Birds Cuddle With A Stuffed Animal To Feel Safe

Three baby birds were rescued from a tree after it had been cut down, and their parents were nowhere to be found.

Thankfully, the woman whose tree was cut down heard the loud cries of the young, orphaned birds and contacted Australia’s Wildcare Inc. NT. The species of parrot won’t be known until their feathers grow in.

“Their first night was very restless as they were wanting their mum and dad to keep them warm,” Terri Wright, a caretaker with Wildlife NT, wrote in a YouTube video description of the birds after the rescue.

That’s when their special stuffed companion came into play.

orphaned baby parrots

Cuddle Buddies works to do something pretty unique for rescued animals with its plush toys. The stuffed animals are upcycled and retrofitted with “tickers” that mimic a mother animal’s heartbeat. As one can imagine, such a toy comes in handy when rehabilitating orphaned wildlife babies in desperate need of a parent’s touch — when the real thing isn’t available.

orphaned baby parrots

“Within minutes of putting the Cuddle Buddie in, they had snuggled up to it and settled down for a snooze,” Wright wrote.

orphaned baby parrots

These birds were found just in time and now have the chance to get big, strong and lead happy lives, all thanks to a little help from their stuffed “mom.”

See how the birds cuddle up to their new stuffed animal here:


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