Transform Old Tin Cans Using These 13 Cute And Easy Craft Ideas

Below are a number of ways to transform tin cans into wonderful pieces of decor. If you’re wondering why someone would fill a can with rice and water, skip down to No. 4 to find out.

1. Create an ever-lasting garden with gorgeous tin can flowers.
easy crafts tin cans 1

2. Wrap yarn around tin cans to make these crafty storage containers.
easy crafts tin cans 2

3. Fancy the outdoors? Try making tin can lanterns to add some ambience to your backyard. These will be perfect come summertime.
easy crafts tin cans 3

4. Here’s where the rice and water come into play. After filling the cans with those ingredients, stick them in the freezer. That way, when you punch your design, the can won’t dent or bend. Once you are satisfied with the design, you can thaw out the can and empty out the contents. Spray paint the interior gold and add a candle to perfect these tin-punched votive candles.
easy crafts tin cans 4

5. Save the lids of several cans to make these beautiful wind chimes.
easy crafts tin cans 5

6. You may need snips for this one (and an eye for design), but these tin can lanterns will spice up any room of the house.
easy crafts tin cans 6

7. Cover a tin can with rose petals to create a colorful floral lantern.
easy crafts tin cans 7

8. Add some of these precious floral bird feeders to your backyard so your winged friends keep coming back.
easy crafts tin cans 8

9. Hang a beautiful herb garden.
easy crafts tin cans 9

10. With just a bit of burlap, you can put together this votive candle holder.
easy crafts tin cans 10

11. This idea may not be for the casual crafter, but it’s still worth marveling at. These tin can roses would make an excellent gift.
easy crafts tin cans 11

12. Again, this project may require more tools than just glue and fabric, but it’s not impossible to do at home. Bookmark the aluminum can leaf wreath so you have it handy when Thanksgiving comes around.
easy crafts tin cans 12

13. Recycle cans and corks for this beautiful desk organizer.
easy crafts tin cans 13


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