He Bought This Old Storage Unit With An Idea In Mind. What He Converted It Into Is Epic…

Five years ago, Redditor Psychemagic purchased a property in Washington D.C.’s LeDroit Park.   The property is only two miles away from the White House, but the neighborhood had fallen on some rough times in the 1990’s.   Until recently, prices in the neighborhood were very affordable when things started to turn around for this Washington D.C. neighborhood. 

old storage unit 1

Luckily, he  purchased a carriage house and a housing unit right before LeDroit’s the prices skyrocketed.

old storage unit 2

Many of the formerly neglected LeDroit Park neighborhood homes were being torn down and converted into expensive condos.

old storage unit 3

When the property was purchased, it had a storage unit in the rear. It had once been used for metalworking but was now vacant.

old storage unit 4

He had an idea – what if he converted the storage space into a loft apartment?

old storage unit 5

There were about 350 square feet in there. With the high ceilings, it could easily be a spacious apartment.

old storage unit 6

He would be his own architect and general contractor for the project.

old storage unit 7

Just taking down the heavy steel door and installing a facade, windows and door gave it a homey look.

old storage unit 8

A brick facade and a name mark this project as officially underway.

old storage unit 9

He built the framework for the lofted area and went to work on the ceiling. He insulated the ceiling as well.

old storage unit 10

He made the difficult decision to cover the exposed joists with drywall, but it made mounting the LED lights much easier.

old storage unit 11

This Ikea kitchen looks like it was made for exactly this kind of project.

old storage unit 12

The bed is lofted above the bathroom with a small closet in between.

old storage unit 13

The kitchen nestles up perfectly against the side of the bedroom loft.

old storage unit 14

He commissioned a local metalworker to build a ladder for the loft.

old storage unit 15

Bonus: the ladder’s design even allows for a study nook tucked away underneath it.

old storage unit 16

Some glass panels for safety still allow plenty of light to fill the space and give a great view of the living space.

old storage unit 17

A huge TV wall mounted on a rotating bracket is perfect for keeping an eye on the game while you make snacks.

old storage unit 18

And the living room area has plenty of space for socializing under the impressive skylights.

old storage unit 19

The stellar design of the loft makes it feel so much larger than its 350 square feet.

old storage unit 20

It fits right into the neighborhood. 

old storage unit 21(Source)

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