This Old Cooler Is About To Be Tossed In The Trash, But Ends Up Becoming Something Really Cool Instead

The standard cooler is an ugly, clunky hunk of plastic that usually sticks out like a sore thumb.  It’s a small price to pay ultimately for the convenience they offer. Brooke Norsworthy of Killer B. Design would beg to differ though, she decided to put in a little elbow grease and got her old cooler looking like it belongs in a Martha Stewart catalog.

You COULD buy a fancy decorative cooler but that’ll cost you upwards of $100 or you could use an old used one instead.

old cooler recycle 1

With a comparatively small investment of around $30 on some scrap wood, nails, pipe coupling, spigot, handles and a bottle opener, she was ready to go to town.

old cooler recycle 2

First, they constructed a frame around the cooler and put 30 inch legs on it so it’s counter height.

old cooler recycle 3

It’s important that the frame fit the cooler snugly.

old cooler recycle 4

She cut some wood for the siding and attached it with nails.

old cooler recycle 5

Have the siding overhangs the frame slightly to hide the 2x2s.

old cooler recycle 6

They started with the center board and made a hole for the spigot.

old cooler recycle 7

They also added some trim because for a project like this, it’s the little details that really elevate it to that next level.

old cooler recycle 8

Next, the lid for the cooler underwent its own framing/siding/trimming process. 

old cooler recycle 9

Hinges allow the new wooden lid to lift the same way it used to in its former, plastic life.

old cooler recycle 10

A bottle opener and spigot were attached to add some more cute details.

old cooler recycle 11

The finished product!

old cooler recycle 12

To think, all it took was abut $30 in materials and a few hours of work. This would definitely be a conversation piece at any party.

old cooler recycle 13(Source)

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