23 Office Tricks That Will Make Your Boss Think You Are A Genius

Not everyone looks forward to going to work, especially if it’s an office setting.  If you’re creative, you’re always on the search for the best way to stay organized and manage time. We’ve all heard of life hacks,  but have you ever thought of creating office hacks to make your work life a little easier?

Fortunately for us, other people have. So for the time being, we can just use some of their hacks before creating some of our own.

#1. Place magnets underneath your desk.

This will make a great place to keep and organize your metal objects and have them easily accessible.
office tricks 1

#2. Use a spice rack to store all your small office supplies.

It’ll organize all the different supplies you have in such a cute way.
office tricks 2

#3. Control the direction of the Wi-Fi signal in your office.

Who said there were any rules against hogging the faster wifi?
office tricks 3

#4. Use a binder clip to hang up your headphones.

Great for a cubicle work space where you use headphones all day.
office tricks 4

#5. Or use a binder clip to replace broken keyboard feet.

Talk about life saver.
office tricks 5

#6. Or use binder clips and bucky cubes to literally hold almost anything.

Looks like it’s time to stock up on binder clips.
office tricks 6

#7. Use a styrofoam cup to create your own tea filter.

Just punch a bunch of tiny holes into the cup.
office tricks 7

#8. If you have an old cassette case laying around, use it as a stand.

It can be a holder for either your iPhone or iPod, or any smartphone for that matter.
office tricks 8

#9. Hang a basket underneath your desk.

This will help keep cords off the floor, away from legs vacuums, etc.
office tricks 9

#10. If you work at a place that requires a key card to enter every time, keep your key card in the back of your phone case.

This way, you’ll always have it with you.
office tricks 10

#11. Transform old technology, such as floppy disks, into desk organizers.

Put all your office supplies or whatever you want into them.
office tricks 11

#12. When you don’t have a bottle opener on hand, use a Macbook charger as your alternative.

However, we strongly suggest to only use in emergencies!
office tricks 12