Her Tiny House Looks Odd From The Outside, But What’s Inside Is Beyond Amazing

Nicki Jo Davis, a firefighter and recent empty nester, decided to downsize from her enormous family home in Savannah, Georgia to a tiny home in 2014.

Nicki’s finished tiny home cost her just under $60,000 and features gingerbread trim, colorful siding, unique metal roofing, solar power, a combo washer/dryer and an incinerating toilet. Nicki also chose to have french doors on the side of her home as well as a front entrance way.

At the time of this tour, Nicki wasn’t sure where she was going to park her tiny home. The city of Thunderbolt, Georgia, (just outside of Savannah) has strict zoning laws. Still, Nicki was not dismayed and continued on her journey towards tiny living.


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