Extremely Obese Dog Has An Incredible Transformation

When we think of stray dogs, we often imagine poor little creatures who are barely more than skin and bones. Being left on their own, with no one to care for them, stray dogs are often malnourished and wasting away. Well, what you see above is on the other end of the spectrum, and demonstrates another danger faced by stray dogs who might be fed a little too much by passers by.

Meet Bolinha, a dog from Brazil who lived on the streets until concerned animal lovers took him in and got him on the path to a healthy life. Without anyone to care for him or monitor his food portions, Bolinha ate everything given to him by locals. Thankfully, the Animal Protection Organization stepped in to help him out, getting him nice and clean and on a healthy diet and exercise regimen. A year later, Bolinha had dropped a lot of pounds and was nearing his goal weight. He looks so much healthier and happier now.


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