While She Is Holding Her Baby, A Special Guest Walks Through The Door And Leaves This New Mother In Tears

Amber is due to give birth to her very first baby.

“I’m a big family person so I’m always with some family member,” she says.

However, Amber, who lives in Detroit, can’t see all of her family as often as she would like. Time, distance, and money have kept her and some of her family apart.

Enter Huggies. Huggies is very invested in making real moms happy. Just watch Tatiana, a real-life blind mother, get to see her son’s ultrasound through 3-D printing. 

In this short film, Huggies wanted to do something incredible for Amber, another a real life mom. When I saw what they did for his new mom, I burst into tears!

This video made me so grateful for my whole family. Not only have they supported me in all of my life’s decision, but extended family is also important to healthy child development. According to Crosswalk.com:

“The extended family is important for our children. It’s good for them to have an understanding of not just the ‘roots’ of our family but the ‘branches,’ and the wider family can also give them a strong sense of belonging and therefore security. And for a child it makes a huge difference to know there are people outside the immediate family who really care about you.”

There’s a reason why we have that old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.”


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