Hysterical Photos Of New Parents That Will Make You Think Twice About Having Babies…

Bringing a new life into the world is both remarkably rewarding and terribly trying. There really isn’t anything like the first time you hold your child in your arms… and there’s nothing quite like cleaning up after them for the years to come.

While the life of a new parent might be an incredibly special experience, it can also be pretty exhausting… and these new parents definitely know the feeling.

1. Just a nice day at the… zzzzzzzz.
new parent 1

2. Who needs pants anyway?
new parent 2

3. Princesses don’t sleep on the floor.
new parent 3

4. Just a wee nap.
new parent 4

5. Do all new parents sleep on park benches?
new parent 5

6. Scootch over, would ya?
new parent 6

7. “I wanted to take a nap, but now I can’t.”
new parent 7

8. She hasn’t slept in weeks.
new parent 8

9. Just… a little… longer…
new parent 9

10. Cheesin’.
new parent 10

11. That’s just being smart.
new parent 11

12. Multitasking like a pro.
new parent 12

13. Belly bed.
new parent 13

14. Close enough!
new parent 14

15. Hold on, kid. Just gotta dodge this red shell real quick.
new parent 15

16. Their parents are sleeping just off camera.
new parent 16

17. Looks cozy.
new parent 17

18. “I’ve pooped all over this house!”
new parent 18

19. “You ain’t going nowhere, kid!”
new parent 19


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