Good Samaritan Neighbor Rescues 90-Year-Old Woman From A Dangerous Situation

Having a good relationship with your neighbors is a crucial part of loving where you live. After all, who knows when you’ll run out of sugar? Plus, it’s nice to have a friend living next door, maybe even someone you can trust to watch your home while you are away. These kinds of relationships amongst neighbors bring a community closer together.

Sadly, some neighbors can make you wish that you had never moved there in the first place. On the flipside, there are amazing ones who inspire entire communities to come together in order to help a neighbor in need. These local heroes go beyond what it means to be neighborly. The impact they leave on the community is tremendous. The first step is always the hardest, and the initiative they take to improve the life of another has a tremendous impact, not only on the person they are helping, but on the entire community as well.

Let’s take this time to recognize Miles Gomis who became a local hero. When he noticed that, 90-year-old widow, Marie Louise Sikorski was in over her head, he didn’t ignore it. Her home in Sarasota, Florida, had fallen into a state of disrepair because she lacked the ability and the funds to maintain it. When he saw that her door was covered in notices for code violations, because of other neighbors complaining about the state of her home, he knew he had to help her.

Watch the video to see how one man’s actions inspired his community to step forward to help a neighbor in need.


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