Popular Nail Polish Brand Has Had Horrible Side Effects On Women’s Nails And The Company’s Reaction Is Alarming…

nail polish complications 1A popular brand of nail polish is facing intense backlash after a number of customers experienced deterioration and other serious complications in their fingernails after removing it.

According to Seventeen, a number of women who used Mentality nail polish developed onycholysis — a peeling of the nail from the nail bed — after removing the popular product.
nail polish complications 2

Several customers began complaining to the company on social media, and their complaints were subsequently deleted.

nail polish complications 3

Mentality later issued a statement on its Facebook page, calling the complications a “sensitivity” to Arminex — the base in their polish. They maintained that they changed bases once learning of the issues.

The company also explained that because they’re an independent brand, they do not have to go through the same “ridiculously expensive” testing that major cosmetic brands do.

“We have been pouring all of our assets and time into making collections for our fans,” they wrote in a Facebook comment.

nail polish complications 4

“I believe that there is confusion about the term ‘testing’ in the public forum. Quality control testing here happens constantly and we wear the various polish batches, often inadvertently,” co-owner Danny Dannels said in a statement to Jezebel.

“All of my clothes have polish on them. I exist in paint covered clothing like all persons that work with paint do. Mine are just more colorful.”


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