Archaeologists Found A 1,500-Year-Old Mummy Wearing Adidas Shoes That Has Sent The Internet Into A Frenzy

In a rare, sartorial instance of anachronism, archaeologists unearthed a 1,500-year-old mummy sporting a flashy pair of Adidas kicks. Well sort of…the female body was found nearly 10,000 feet high in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia and while Internet patrons are screaming time travel, historians are excited about the fact that this would the first complete Turkik burial found in Central Asia, one that could offer unique and unprecedented insight into the lives of Mongols at the time.

mummy wearing adidas shoes

“This person was not from elite, and we believe it was likely a woman, because there is no bow in the tomb” said researcher B. Sukhbaatar. “It is the first complete Turkik burial at least in Mongolia — and probably in all Central Asia. This is a very rare phenomenon.”

Mummy wearing adidas shoes

Back to this time travel thing, though, since that is a far more interesting than human remains. Commentators pondered,  “Didn’t know they had Adidas back then,” and “The mummy had on some Adidas in the first pic?”

Indeed, the triple stripe indicative of the famous German footwear brand is hard to deny, but also is it? More than anything, our willingness to accept time travel as the most logical explanation here just goes to show how hungry we are for an actual, working time machine.


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