Monkey’s Silly Response When This Guy Was Disrespectful

Something many people don’t understand about monkeys is that compared to us humans, they’re incredibly strong.

On top of that strength they also know which ways would best utilize it, which makes them all the more dangerous if you get on their bad side. Just like us humans monkeys have emotions and feelings that can also get hurt, which is what can prompt them to actions they normally wouldn’t do.

Take this case for example, where an adult male believes his position is so far above that of a monkey just hanging around that he flips it off. Now, if he were to do that to another person you could expect some type of altercation to take place, probably even a fight if the guys were hot-blooded enough. Well, little monkey bro took a cue from that book and decided to get some revenge by straight up drop kicking this dude!

Not only does he pull off pushing a man to the ground, that little guy even stuck the landing!


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